For Modern Witchcraft

Crystals and stones are essential for meditation, divination, and modern spell-casting. Explore holistic products for Modern Witchcraft to connect and promote Energy, Healing, and Power in your daily life.

5 Crystals for Beginner Witches

These five crystals represent important energies that are part of every divination.

  • Clear Quartz – enhancing the power of other crystals, protection, and removal of negative energies that can block your intention
  • Citrine – cleansing your space and yourself before a ritual, also known to boost psychic abilities
  • Rose Quartz – attracting feelings of love and romance, enhancing peace and harmony in relationships
  • Amethyst – benefits deeper meditative states and can boost psychic abilities
  • Tiger Eye – for intentions of good fortune, strength and power, confidence in decision-making

Fragrance and Smudging

Before an important session be sure to clean and clear your space. These fragrances and smudging tools can be used to prepare for meditation or divination.