For Interior Design

Crystals for Every Room of the Home and Office

Geodes, Crystal Bookends, and Statement Rocks

Crystals and precious stones have an important place in every room of the home. From bringing feelings of prosperity and satisfaction, to inspiring closer relationships with loved ones, crystals bring a piece of Earth into our most cherished personal space.

Explore products to prepare a home to receive the crystals, natural lighting solutions featuring Himalayan Salt and Selenite, plus our recommendations for must-have crystals for apartments and houses.

Crystals are for work too! Don’t forget to include crystals and stones in your design – whether working from home or at the office.

Crystal lamps are a great choice to provide warm inspirational daytime colors and natural air cleansing properties. Add companion crystal clusters and geodes to make a statement.

Crystal Clusters with natural lighting and air plants

Prepare the Space

It is important to prepare the space to receive your new crystals. It’s easy to cleanse the air and remove negative intentions with a sage bundle or burnable palo santo sticks. Our smudge kits come with everything you need to get started, or pick and choose individual products that suit your space.

Add Natural Lighting

Himalayan Salt and Selenite lamps can fit into any corner of the room to add warmth, help alleviate allergies and coughing, promote relaxation and focus, and even improve your sleep patterns. All of our lamps come with a complimentary cord and clear bulb. Mix and match with crystal candles for a truly powerful and warming touch.
* these crystals are not water resistant – not for long-term use in persistently damp areas

Select Specific Stones

Each room in the home will value from a centerpiece crystal or stone. You may be choosing a focal point because of aesthetic quality, or a cluster in a warm bookshelf corner may be more your interest. We’ve hand-picked these items that will fit in perfectly in any home.