Spirit Gift Set


SAGE - Essential Oil Spray

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SPIRIT-Lavender & Sage Organic Oil roll on
Rhodonite Angel

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1 – SAGE-Essential Oil Spray
1 – SPIRIT-Lavender & Sage Organic Oil roll on
1 – Rhodonite Angel

Sage-Essential Oil Spray made with 100% Organic Essential Oils and Crystal Charged Distilled Water. Sage Essential Oil benefits include reducing the harmful effects of toxin, treating bacterial and microbial, slowing down the aging process, relieving cramps, convulsions and coughs, improving digestion, purifying the blood and relieving mood swings and painful disorders.

SPIRIT – This beautiful, warm blend contains therapeutic oils and Amethyst gemstones to help relieve nervous tension and promote healing and emotional support. Great to use during meditation, yoga, or any type of emotional healing. It enhances our ability to fully connect spiritually. These special ingredients are specifically chosen to enhance and strengthen the individual intentions of each bottle. Contains a proprietary blend of Lavender and Sage.
Gemstone Amethyst: stimulates and soothes the mind and emotions. It helps calm the nervous system to bring peace and purification.

Rhodonite is used for a meaning and properties or growing your mind. It would bring the owner to a higher level and get the real toughness. This gemstone would increase your self-confidence and support your life become richer. Rhodonite also has a meaning of helping.


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