Moldavite “Pebble 2” Natural Stone


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Benefits, Powers and Healing Properties:
Crystal: Moldavite

  • As a stone of connectivity, Moldavite carries an intense frequency, high vibration, a fusion of earthly and extraterrestrial energies that are quickly felt, often dramatically in those who resonate with its power
  • Moldavite is a stone of the heart, reaching into the deepest inner self and bringing to the surface that which one most needs to recognize, honor, integrate or release
  • A mystical stone that can bring good luck and fulfill wishes


  • Holding Moldavite for the first time often produces a sensation of heat, felt first in the hand, then progressively throughout the body.
  • A meteorite of enormous size is known to have crashed in the Czechoslovakian mountain region about 15 million years ago. Its impact is said to have had more power than an atomic explosion. This amazing stone was created by the heat of an incredible impact that had extraordinary force.
  • This beautiful stone is rare, found only in Czechoslovakia, and is named for the area in which it is found, near the Moldau River (called the Vltava in Czech).
  • It is known as the “Holy Grail” stone.

Size: .5″L
Weight: 1.2g

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