Malacolla ” Kaui” Free Form


Size: 6″L x 4.25″W
Weight: 515g

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Benefits, Powers and Healing Properties:
Crystal: Malacolla ( combination of Malachite and Chrysocolla) 

  •  A stone of transformation, helping with change and spiritual growth
  • It can self-soothe and feels peaceful within your own heart
  • Help to ease fear, anxiety, guilt and gently releases emotions
  • A peaceful stone that emphasizes the power of our words and actions on those around us
  • Encourages compassion and strengthening of character
  • Discharges negative energies, allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard
  • Place on the solar plexus for deep emotional healing


  • Found in  Russia, Zaire, Australia, Namibia, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Romania, Chile, Mexico and the United States.
  • Malacolla is the combination of Malachite and Chrysocolla stones.
  • Chrysocolla is a copper stone, ranging from light green to deep blue, and is often found in association with Malachite and Azurite. Some chrysocolla contains Cuprite.

Size: 6″L x 4.25″W
Weight: 515g

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Weight 515 g
Dimensions 6 × 4.25 in


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