Life with Crystals Starter Set


Amethyst (1)
Clear Quartz (1)
Tiger Eye (1)
Rose Quartz (1)
Lapis Lazuli (1)
Black Obsidian (1)
Green Aventurine (1)
Sage (1)
Palo Santo (1)

Amethyst Tumbled Stone
Black Obsidian Tumbled Stone
Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone
Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone
Choose an option
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone – Medium
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone – Small
Palo Santo Sticks
Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone
Sage Bundle
Choose an option
Sage Bundle – 4"
Sage Bundle – 5"
Sage Bundle – 9"
Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone


These 7 stones have been handpicked for you to start your crystal journey. These crystals will help start you off in the right direction.  The sage and palo santo will help cleanse and clear the energy around you and in your space:

Amethyst (purple): Tranquility, protection, intuition
Clear Quartz (clear): Master healer, amplifies intention, connects one to their higher self
Tiger Eye (brown): Power, courage, confidence
Rose Quartz (pink): Unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion
Lapis Lazuli (blue): Self-expression, stimulates clarity, speaking one’s truth
Black Obsidian (black): Healing, grounding, energy protection
Green Aventurine (green): Manifest abundance, a stone of opportunity, dissolves negative emotions
Sage and Palo Santo: Clears and cleanses negative energy

Crystals, houses, rooms, cars, people or self

Set your intentions. Before you smudge, make sure there are some windows open so the negative energy can exit. Either light the sage, the Palo Santo or both. You can use the entire sage bundle or take it apart and use a branch. Blow out the flame and let the smoke drift into the air. Walk around with the sage/Palo Santo smoke and keep saying your intentions, asking for the negative energy to leave. For example: “Only white light and love is welcomed, all other negative energy please leave”. Always end the smudge where you started so you know you smudged everything.

*Crystals have natural variations in color, style, and size. Buyer will receive a hand-selected stone which may appear different from those pictured.


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