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Benefits, Powers and Healing Properties:
Crystal: Jet

  • Its powerful protection energies are said to ward off evil, negativity as well as psychic attacks
  • Jet is considered one of the most powerful absorbers of “negative energy” not just around one but within one as well (such as depression)
  • A stone of sympathy, it provides support and helps alleviate pain
  • Jet’s purification of energy and vibrations bring about protection on many levels
  • Jet is known to be an effective cure to migraine, headaches and even the common cold 


  •  Found in Spain, France, Russia, Poland, India, Turkey, China, Germany, Cambodia and the United States.
  • Jet is a mineraloid and type of lignite that takes a beautiful polish. It is actually derived from decaying wood that undergoes extreme pressure and heat. The wood then becomes fossilized as a compact black material.

Size: Three wrist size variations
8mm round beads

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