Himalayan Salt Pyramid Lamp


Size: 8″H x 5″W
*Light cord and bulb included

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Benefits, Powers and Healing Properties:
Crystal: Himalayan Salt Lamp

  •  Balances electromagnetic radiation
  •  Cleanses, deodorizes, and purifies air
  •  Calms allergies and reduces asthma
  •  Alleviates coughing and other common cold symptoms
  •  Boosts blood flow
  •  Raises energy levels
  •  Sharpens concentration and performance
  •  Enhances mood
  •  Reduces stress and promotes relaxation
  •  Improves sleep


  • Himalayan salt is primarily mined in Pakistan.
  • Himalayan salt is pink because of the minerals within underground sea salt deposits. These deposits formed thousands of years ago when, “An ancient inland sea slowly evaporated, leaving behind expansive mineral salt deposits.

Size: 8″H x 5″W
*Light cord and bulb included


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