About Us

Why Life with Crystals?

We believe that change is inspired one crystal at a time. By enhancing our awareness, and being present in the moment, we can better understand the energy of the earth and how to connect to its power.

We are focused on providing products and services that will help you enhance your own Energy, Healing, and Power.

Our daughter Zoie is an important part of Life with Crystals. Her name in Greek means “Life” which has inspired the name of our company. Her understanding of our connection with the world around us, and the value of diversity in life, is a daily inspiration for our family and our business.

Our Family

Megan obtained her massage therapist license in 1994 and is deeply committed to using the energy of crystals to heal. She believes that when we tap into the powers of the natural world, we can achieve great personal benefits to energy, healing, and power. Megan’s favorite crystals are Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and Fluorite.

Zoie is an intuitive child who has a sense for crystals and their connection to family and home. Zoie’s favorite crystals are Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Selenite.